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If you are bored with your married life and want to have spice in your relationship, then why don't you join Essex Swingers Club Community? Essex Swingers Club is married people community where both couples swap each other partners for some hours. You can go for a romantic dinner date or have a rocking time in bed. It all depends on your mood. You may think of it as outrageous but actually it is pure harmless fun. In fact, it makes your relationship stronger. You feel possessive, jealous and find your partner sexier than ever before. In fact, most spouses found their partner much desirable after attending a swinging party. Swinging parties takes place in each other home by rotation or a particular hotel is booked where these parties are regularly conducted. Some hotels also arrange food and beverages for the party. You can do some search in net too. There are lots of hotels in Essex who arrange these parties. Actually, swinging is quite popular all over UK, but nobody says it as it is considered bad in society.

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You and your partner may introduce yourself to a lovely couple and if they like you too, you can swap each other partner for fun. Generally, a car key pooling game is played where you pick up a car key and spend some time with that person wife. Similarly, more fun games are played like this. You can check out the community website or call them for more information. In case, you are hesitant to call a club, then you can join a good Essex Swingers Club Social networking site to send your interest to like minded people. There are lots of Essex based social networking clubs. Some are free and some require annual membership. You can browse through each club, check out couple profiles, swinging club terms and conditions and then join a club matching your taste. Some swinging clubs also have sexy single girls and hot guys also as member. So, if you want to do threesome, it is the perfect place to find it.

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We've been members of the Essex Swingers Club for over a year and have so far had 3 great sex meets with great couples who live not to far.

Tom & Sandie

All my life I've had fantasies of a threesome with a real couple. I found Essex Swingers Club and found a playful couple who wanted to experiment with a single guy, they pchose me to be their play thing, best night I've ever had!


If you're thinking of trying swinging or dogging then we recommend Essex Swingers Club. It's full of great people, friendly couples and everybody just wants to have fun!


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There should be deep understanding and mutual trust between husband and wife before joining these parties. Some Swinging Clubs also ask you questions about your relationship to see how comfortable you are with this concept. Most men and women do get unsecure on seeing their partner in someone else arms. If that is the case, then it is better not to join this community as nobody wants relationship to break. So join a good swinging club because it is full of fun and an unforgettable experience.